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Annaële Hervé

Collaboratrice scientifique HES
+41 26 429 63 20
Office: HEG 427
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Annaële Hervé is a PhD candidate at the University of Lorraine (until January 2021). Her thesis addresses the research streams of digitalization and internationalization of SMEs. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management as well as a Master degree in Entrepreneurship. From the beginning of her thesis (2017), she is also working part-time at the research department of the School of Management Fribourg and she is teaching several courses in digital transformation, digital business model, blockchain business model as well as business and corporate system. Her main research interests are digitalization, digital transformation, digital business model as well as international entrepreneurship. Before her academic career, she worked for several years in the fields of marketing and communication at one of the largest Swiss retail companies.


Journal article

HERVÉ, A., BALDEGGER, R., SCHMITT, C. (2020). Digitalization, Entrepreneurial Orientation and Internationalization of Micro-, Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Technology Innovation Management Review, 10 (4), 5-17.
HERVÉ, A., SCHMITT, C., BALDEGGER, R. (2020). Internationalization and Digitalization: Applying digital technologies to the internationalization process of small and medium-sized enterprises. Technology Innovation Management Review. doi:

Book chapter

HERVÉ, A. (2021). Degree of digitalization and entrepreneurial orientation of internationalizing micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises: the mediating roles of self-concept traits. Springer.

Proceedings from scientific conference

HERVÉ, A., BALDEGGER, R., SCHMITT, C. (2019). International Entrepreneurship and Digitalization of micro-small and medium-sized enterprises., ICSB 2019 World Congress. ICSB 2019 World Congress.
HERVÉ, A., BALDEGGER, R., SCHMITT, C. (2019). Internationalization and digitalization of small businesses: a literature review., 23rd McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference. 23rd McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference.
HERVÉ, A., BALDEGGER, R., SCHMITT, C. (2019). Internationalization of micro-small and medium-sized enterprises in a digital context., G-forum. G-forum.


BALDEGGER, R., HERVÉ, A., WILD, P. (2019). Swiss International Entrepreneurship Survey (SIES) 2019. Résultats de l’étude sur le comportement d’internationalisation des PME suisses., Fribourg, Switzerland.