Program Financial Management

Students learn how players and businesses are assessed. Other courses of this cycle include cash flow forecast, investments, the trade-off between risk and capitalisation rates, risk management and assessing securities. The programme covers the following major themes : securities, bonds, interest rates, risk assessment, price formation and derivative financial instruments. The course focuses on the presentation of current financial instruments with a view to getting a better understanding of the world of finance.

Graduates will thus be prepared to apply the basic principles of financial management. The principles of strategic investment, securities valuation, assessing the cost of capital, and calculating risk are all integral parts of the programme, as is developing an investment portfolio. At the end of the course, students will understand and be able to explain the role played by financial institutions.

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Program discovering entrepreneurship & Innovation

This two-week seminar, held in English, is conducted in a multi-cultural environment. Students have the opportunity to participate in lectures given by guest speakers in the company of master students, and to profit from visits by Swiss entrepreneurs, active on national and international levels.

Their experience will enrich exploration of the international economic environment, thanks to new management approaches which differ by their very nature from those usual in other European countries.

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