Global Entrepreneurs X-change (online LIVE panel)


​​​​​Global Entrepreneurs X-Change is an initiative to interact with entrepreneurs and thought-leaders in a way you never had a chance to before; to learn about new global opportunities; to link with like-minded individuals; and to lead change​. It is sponsored by the Swiss Innovation Agency "Innosuisse" and the School of Management Fribourg (Switzerland).


Tuesday 30 January 2018 @16:00 GMT (online) - Join for this LIVE online panel using ZOOM​ from your smartphone or laptop or any device ! 

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Speakers include:

Marshall Van Alstyne
Fellow of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and co-author of the book "Platform Revolution", will explain the business models of giant firms like Apple, Alibaba, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Uber. In particular: how their "network business models" allows them to create more value than the business models of traditional firms; how these new giant firms use demand economies of scale, also called "network effects"; how this inverts the functions of the firm, moving value creation from inside to outside. The shift in the source of value drives radical changes in how a firm does marketing, human resource management, operations, and strategy.

Marshall is world expert in network business models. He is a major contributor to the theory of network effects and two-sided networks. His research received a NSF Career Award and is published in Science, Management Science, Harvard Business Review.

Nicolas Steiner
Serial entrepreneur with expertise in emerging technologies and digital distribution, with a track record of adapting company business models to the change brought by digital technology layers.

Nicolas is an active board member, advisor and investor of companies within the Blockchain, FinTech, Digital business and Real estate. He represents the Entrepreneurship Institute of the School of Management Fribourg in the UK Digital Innovation ecosystem.

Andrei Villarroel
Professor of innovation at the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR), is an awarded member of the Academy of Management. 


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