Are you thinking of taking your business idea, startup or SME to Asia?

Are you thinking of taking your business idea, startup or SME to Asia?

​​Take advantage of our know-how for your venture and apply now for the International Business Bootcamp Singapore taking place 18 June 2018 to 20 July 2018!

The International Business Bootcamp (IBBC) offers targeted consulting services to Swiss start-ups and SME's with a strategic interest in Asia. Teams of advanced Bachelor and Master students in Business administration will work closely with companies using latest consulting techniques and applying primary market intelligence data collected directly in the host countries. Experienced coaches and mentors in Switzerland and Singapore will guide the teams throughout the project. The program is designed by the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR) to promote the collaboration of industry and academia in Switzerland and Singapore. Outside of Singapore, the program has also found success in the past years, in the USA, Mexico and Brazil.

Why participate in the International Business Bootcamp?

Entering foreign markets typically require different approaches, processes and government policies compared to the more familiar domestic market. SMEs cannot simply replicate a standard operating model with a new market or across multiples ones. Therefore, each new market has the potential to add significant amounts of complexity to an SME's existing business model.

You will get:

Consulting services to Swiss Start-ups and SME's with a strategic interest in Asia

Professional experience and academic expertise supporting your internationalization process

• knowledge, tools and conceptual framework needed to undertake entrepreneurial activities

At the end of the program, the  participating companies will be provided with an Executive Presentation (EP). The Startup/ SME will define the objectives of the IBBC focus on secondary research (no concrete business opportunities from primary research), Modelling/analysis, strategic recommendations, business impact summaries and risks. This could include Environment Analysis (PESTEL), Competitive Analysis (5F) and Positioning (7Ps), the industry Business Models as well as Conclusions + Recommendations.


18 June – 20 July 2018 (2-13 July in Singapore)​

Participation fee and other details

Contact Priscillea at


18 June – 20 July 2018 (2-13 July in Singapore)​


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