Information event 2019 - Master in Business Administration


​​​​​​​​In partnership with HES-SO's schools for Business, Management and Services, the HES-SO Master of Science in Business Administration (MSc BA), orientation Entrepreneurship, meets the market's current needs by training students in fast-growing professional fields and areas of skill. 

The MSc BA looks at the management knowledge acquired during the Bachelor's degree in more detail. It equips students with the analytical and decision-making skills they need to transform challenges into opportunities. 

The MSc BA includes:​
  • Projects in association with the private/public sector and research institutes 
  • Cross-disciplinary specializations that can lead to employment in various fields 
  •  The study schedule is designed to give students the option of working part-time
Information session: 

  • Friday, 22nd March 2019, 12:15
  • School of Management Fribourg / Haute école de gestion Fribourg, Concept Space (lower-level)

During the presentation session, you will have the opportunity to discover.
  • The content of the training
  • Its advantages include
  • The career opportunities it offers
  • We look forward to welcoming you there!​
More information:


Secrétariat Master
Haute école de gestion Fribourg
Bureau 107 (1er étage) 
Ch. du Musée 4
CH-1700 Fribourg
T: +41 26 429 63 47/53

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