MassChallenge Boston


  • ​​We help early-stage entrepreneurs win.

  • We connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to launch and succeed immediately.

  • Our primary activities include running an annual global accelerator program and startup competition, documenting and organizing key resources, and organizing training and networking events.



Catalyze a startup renaissance.


The startup renaissance is a rebirth of the creative and inspired society that challenges old conventions and strives primarily to create new value, instead of obsessing over extracting from what already exists. It's a world in which everyone recognizes that he or she can define the future, and is empowered to maximize impact.

Modern entrepreneurship is a global endeavor and this renaissance spans geographical and cultural boundaries.


  • ​Promote innovation, collaboration and commercialization

  • Address the seed-stage investment gap, empowering novice entrepreneurs

  • Provide educational opportunities for entrepreneurs

  • Showcase entrepreneurship assets and infrastructure locally, nationally and internationally


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