HEG-FR and SMU Entrepreneurship Immersion Program

Entrepreneurship Immersion Program

A 10-week internship in Switzerland was an opportunity that Singapore Management University (SMU) student Mervin Ho Keng Mun, 24, simply could not pass up. The finance major felt he would get valuable contacts if he got right into the financial hub. Discover how SMU student Mervin Ho's Entrepreneurship Immersion at School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR) has helped him realize his startup dreams!

​The HEG-FR and SMU Entrepreneurship Immersion Program is a newly established collaboration between School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR)  and Singapore Management University to create an entrepreneurial exposure for students through an internship with either a start-up or SME organization or spinoffs, in the region where the university is located, Fribourg.

Under the programme, Mr Ho got to sit in on entrepreneurship lessons in one of Switzerland's universities - School of Management Fribourg - for abouat a week.

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