FinTech Immersion

Essentials of Fintech

This course will provide the participants with the latest empowering and practical knowledge on FinTech enabling them to understand key concepts and ideas, changes influencing the financial services industry today and trends that will impact the industry in the future.
This is a very practical course taught by industry experts with a heavy emphasis on case studies, company examples and best practices related to the latest industry trends. Attendees will be assigned readings before the course and will participate in group study and presentation during the course.
The course covers the FinTech ecosystem and FinTech segments, including review of the digital enablers such as Cloud & big data, Blockchain & digital currencies, their role on the global banking and finance and the methodologies to manage the transformation of existing organization and services facing disruptive trends. 


  • Understand the historical context that ignited FinTech
  • Understand its current and future impact on global finance, banking and related industries
  • Understand the opportunities that FinTech brings in the financial services industry
  • Understand the disruptive potential of FinTech for established players
  • Understand the FinTech ecosystem: startups, corporate and ventures
  • Acquire knowledge and skills to spark their entrepreneurial spirit.


The next course will be communicated soon.


Course 2017

DAY 1 Fribourg - Monday 13th March 2017

DAY 2 London - Monday 10th April 2017

DAY 3 London - Tuesday 11th April 2017

DAY 4 London - Wednesday 12th April 2017

DAY 5 Fribourg - Thursday 18th May 2017

DAY 6 Fribourg - Thursday 8th June 2017



Global FinTech Overview
FinTech segmentation across sectors
Social trends
Evolving business models
The forces behind the change
Digital versus physical
Hyper personalized era
Customer experience excellence
Re-assessing business models
Digital transformation
Corporate Innovation Management
Outsourced Innovation ecosystems
The Dark Side of Innovation
The next generation of financial services
Level39 ecosystem presentation
Santander case study: How big financial Institutions leverage the FinTech ecosystem
Use Cases: Meet the Innovators in person


Nicolas Steiner
Accomplished Entrepreneur,
Founding Member of Level39 & FINTECH Circle, London

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Paul Loeffler
Experienced Entrepreneur and
Business Executive at the intersection of new technologies and business models

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Prof. Ankush Chopra
Strategy and Innovation expert with deep expertise in managing disruption

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6 days course in total:

3 days in class teaching at the HEG Fribourg.

3 days in London at Level39, Europe largest technology accelerator for finance, retail, cyber security and futures cities technology companies.

The course is offered on a yearly basis.

Teaching Language: English
Fees: CHF 4'990.-



Jean-Marie Ayer
T : +41 26 429 63 95

Haute école de gestion Fribourg
Chemin du Musée 4
CH-1700 Fribourg


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