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Founded in 1991 as the School of Economics and Administration (ESCEA), the School of Management Fribourg has developed significantly over the years. Progress can be seen in the scope of our training programs (Bachelor degree, Master’s degree, and executive education). It is also visible in the growing number of students and staff.
Considerable developments have taken place in applied research activities and joint projects with businesses and other organizations.



«CREATE YOUR FUTURE» is one of the objectives set by the School of Management Fribourg HEG-FR. Affiliated with the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO), it is the only School of management in Switzerland to offer a Bachelor's degree in business economics with a trilingual study option (FR/DE/EN). The school is also renowned for its Master's degree in entrepreneurship, which optimally combines a scientific basis with specific applications — a partnership that characterises the schools of management.



Graduates from the HEG-FR are extremely attractive to employers due to their extensive range of competences and their pragmatic approach to problem-solving, and they have the opportunity to actively pursue their chosen professional career. Additionally, by undertaking bilingual or trilingual training, they significantly increase their integration potential within the employment market. Thanks to established partnerships with regional, national and international companies, as well as administrations and organisations, the students enjoy a rich network that will be beneficial to them in the future.



The School of Management Fribourg is a leader in the area of continuous training — it enjoys a privileged partnership with the State of Fribourg, offering its employees advanced training. This institution has also offered postgraduate courses for many years to executives in the private sector. Some of these programmes are of a general nature, whereas others enable the participants to specialise in a particular field.

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