Vision & Mission


To be an agile and inspiring business school. Our entrepreneurial ecosystem supports, stimulates and works as a catalyst for the ideas of our future generation.


We support, prepare and empower leaders and international entrepreneurs to apply actionable executive skills to address global challenges faced in business and society. We are committed to creating positive impact through the students, participants and partners who benefit from our programs and activities in three core areas: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Internationalization.

Mission statements

  • We provide students an application-oriented tertiary education that prepares them well for their future jobs.

  • We offer continuing new education programs directed towards current and future needs of business and society, to ensure a lifelong learning.

  • We run practice-oriented research activities with the aim to facilitate new developments in the economy and to fuel our education activities.

  • We provide consultancy services to companies and organizations alongside our teaching and research activities and anchor HEG-FR as a solid partner for SMEs and non-profit organizations in the mandates and fundraising business.

  • HEG-FR develops effective and responsible leaders by creating insightful knowledge and inspiring minds in a continuous dialogue with the world around us.

Distinctive Attributes

  • Multilingualism (French, German, English) and multiculturalism

  • A healthy mix of teaching staff (practitioners and academics)

  • Good local anchoring (partner network)

  • A flexible, dynamic, and reactive organization

  • National and international co-operation

  • Close co-operation among students and professors

  • A broad and varied choice of courses

  • A pronounced entrepreneurial orientation

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