School Strategy

We pursue
A continuous sustainable growth-strategy in all our fields of action, with a special emphasis on our graduate and postgraduate programs.
An active internationalization strategy in order to reinforce the “act local-think global” mindset and to build multicultural capabilities for our customers.
A quality assurance strategy driven by an embedded culture which is focused on providing high quality learning opportunities in a supportive environment. This quality culture is supported by each individual member of HEG-FR who is part of our network of service and management teams.

We operationalize our strategy by defining five Strategic Goals:

  1. State of the Art Guidance of the School

  2. Outstanding up to trilingual education for undergraduate and graduate programs (Bologna system)

  3. High quality Postgraduate & Executive Education meeting the market expectations

  4. High standards of applied research and development in order to be nationally and internationally recognized

  5. Close and strong partnership with private and public sectors

Core values and guiding principles

Our core values and guiding principles provide the context within which HEG strives for excellence:

  • Teaching staff and people in leadership positions act as role models.

  • Teaching staff, employees and students, distinguish themselves through strong implementation skills.

  • Every employee is committed to a holistic way of thought and action.

  • Self-motivation and taking responsibility for one’s actions are the foundation of our success.

  • We foster a culture of openness and honesty.

  • Common sense is the basis of our day-to-day actions.

  • We deal with conflicts actively, seek to find solutions, and treat stakeholders fairly.

  • We are passionate about fulfilling our tasks - Enjoying our work is important.

  • We foster a friendly work environment.

  • Innovative behavior is duly noted at our school of management as creativity, courage and freedom are supported and collaborative innovation initiatives are implemented.

  • We celebrate our successes together

  • Employees, teaching staff and students are known for their intercultural skills and holistic thinking.

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