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The School of Management Fribourg’s (HEG-FR) activities in «Applied Research and Development» focus on two areas: we implement research objectives fostered by the HEG-SO, and we transfer knowledge into our classrooms and practice projects.


Our objectives in «Applied Research and Development» are:

  • To run international research projects through surveys such as the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), the Global University Students’ Spirit Survey (GUESSS), and the International Entrepreneurship Survey (SIES).
  • To actively participate in international research networks and implement research projects, both nationally and internationally.
  • To contribute to renowned international conferences.
  • To publish about our findings in articles in highly ranked journals and thought leadership books.
  • To establish our institutes as key partners in the region for creating new knowledge and solutions.
  • To carry out interdisciplinary projects in applied research, in particular within the HES-SO and on the Campus Pérolles.



The three institutes’ individual strategies include:

  • Every institute is run entrepreneurially and is financially self-sufficient.
  • Partners oversee applications or business plans and continuously monitor the projects they support.
  • Collaboration with other organizations takes a clear-cut goal system.
  • The institutes complement rather than compete with other businesses. They offer consulting services to enhance innovation as well as intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial performance.
  • The institutes work in interdisciplinary ways and seek to foster a spirit of multiculturalism.
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