The Institute of Finance is an education and research institution of the School of Management Fribourg, which has specialised in finance management.

We deliberately define finance management at our institute in broad terms: Corporate Finance, Accounting, Controlling are the core disciplines – Capital Markets, Banking and Provision round off the main topics.

We strongly advocate being interdisciplinary: this applies within finance management and especially across disciplines and in an entrepreneurial context.

The Institute of Finance has set itself the goal of giving (outgoing) companies financial knowledge, and in return extending entrepreneurship to the world of banking and finance.

The Institute of Finance has a modern network structure. The available capacities are selectively compiled from the finance sector (universities and industry), and supplemented by resources in other disciplines, should the need arise.

All employees have many years of professional experience and the necessary academic armour.



​The Institute of Finance covers three service areas: it leads training courses, carries out research, and prepares assignment orders. The nature of the research is varied: from basic research to applied research, which can also result in work on a mandate basis.

The teaching - by representatives of the Institute of Finance - is carried out on the most varied of educational levels, including courses for the Master of Science in Business Administration. Assignment orders can affect many aspects of finance management of the practical worlds of finance and banking.


Applied Research of the Institute of Finance covers a broad field. That`s why studies on old-age provision and innovation in the finance sector have recently been initiated. A further project, which aims to explore the role of banks to internationalize Swiss SMEs has also been launched.


Courses of the Institute of Finance are offered with the regular Master programme, but above all as a continuing education and summer school offer. Emphasis is placed on imparting financial knowledge in the newly created «Silverback Training», which the Institute for Finance Management and the Institute for Entrepreneurship organise together. This programme is rounded off by the English-language Summer School «Introduction to Finance», aimed at the international student body.



Institute of Finance
School of Management Fribourg
Room 420 (4th floor)
Ch. du Musée 4
CH-1700 Fribourg

Head of institute
Dr. Nils Tuchschmid
T: +41 26 429 63 50
F: +41 26 429 63 34

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