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Transversality. Our professors publish books, produce academic papers and write articles for a variety of managerial publications.  Some conduct pioneer research in our very own institutes while others enhance their teaching through this personal work.  Additionally, practitioners return to the school to share their knowledge of the business world.  The transversality of these domains of knowledge has a spiral effect on  the quality of our teaching.   And the size of our classes is limited (30 students on average). This fosters the successful completion of concrete objectives and a close relationship between bachelor and master students and their teachers.




The multilingualism of the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR) permits students to consolidate their linguistic knowledge.  At the same time, they improve their career prospects, especially within international companies, such as Credit Suisse. Furthermore, we appreciate the fact that the HEG-FR focusses on subjects relevant for Swiss SMEs.


Urs P. Gauch, Credit Suisse SA, Head Swiss SME



Multilingualism and intercultural skills are the best trump cards for internationalizing SMEs.  SMEs need highly trained employees and pioneers in order to compete in a world market.


Martin Godel, Head of SME Policy, State Secretary for Economic Affairs SECO


The Grenoble School of Management has worked with the HEG Fribourg for several years.  We are involved in different programmes, and I particularly appreciate both the entrepreneurial spirit emanating from the school and the practical guidance of its teaching.


Jérôme Barrand, Director of the Institute for Agile Organisations, Senior Professor, the Grenoble School of Management



The HEG provides quality business programmes with a wide choice of courses and options in several languages.  By judiciously combining theory and practice, the school offers a full vision for students, who, once having completed their studies,  are equipped with the tools necessary to carry out their professional career.


Patrick Koller, Communications Director, FIBA - International Basketball Federation

The HEG-FR also offers continuing education courses for executives with full agendas. What I especially appreciated about the MBA in Integrated Management was the programme's strong practical focus as well as the opportunity to network with participants from all parts of Switzerland.


Nathalie Bourquenoud, PostFinance, Member of the Executive Board, Head of Work Environment

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