Our international opening, a source of richness

A Dense Network. The HEG-FR belongs to a dense network of universities, private companies, and public administrations in Switzerland and abroad. Profiting from its privileged position at the crossroads of four nations and its trilingual programmes, our school takes part in significant international projects. Thus, the intercultural and linguistic skills acquired by our students are firmly anchored in the practical.




The HEG-FR, with its competence and dynamism, provides future managers and entrepreneurs the practical and theoretical knowledge essential for the economic world of the 21st century.


Joseph Deiss, President of the Swiss Confederation 2004, Federal Councillor 1999-2006, President of the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly



A pragmatic approach enabled us to develop activities with the HEG-FR and implement them rapidly. This way, we created real value added, not only for the students of the HEG-FR, but also for those in my country of origin.


Jorge Castro-Valle Kuehne, Mexican Ambassador for Switzerland



Company employees are our greatest competitive advantage, and we put value on constantly developing their skills and permitting them to open themselves to other realities. The HEF-FR offers us a programme of higher education beneficial not only to our co-workers, but also to the business.


Jacques Cherix, Head of the Non-Technical Dept., Cimo SA Monthey


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