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Active participation in international exchange programs offers students, lecturers and researchers the opportunity to experience international Education. Mobility and exchange programs are extremely important an inspiring international learning environment for our Swiss students. In terms of intercultural learning, participants are integrating in existing courses on Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

The School of Management Fribourg offers different courses for international students; where HEG-FR’ students could also joint. Since 2012 HEG-FR offers diverse summer schools, two-weeks or four-weeks through major in Entrepreneurship. Additional summer programs are offer for undergraduate or postgraduate students.


This program prepares students for their first job in banking, insurance and industry. The course lasts one semester and represents 30 credits (ECTS).

A significant portion of the course is based on the practical. Through case studies, practical exercises and company visits; participants profit from real immersion in the realities of the professional world.


SUMMER SCHOOL “ Entrepreneurship and Innovation & Financial Management”

This four-weeks summer school intensive’s program is designed for undergraduate students who wanted to have general vision of entrepreneurial ecosystem; complemented with a Financial management: Global focus for entrepreneurs’ module. Students will have the opportunity to take part in the guest lectures, company visits, texts and cases studies; a cosmopolitan mix from teachers to students will enrich this experience.

An intensive, summer program is aimed at first-cycle students, and provides the basic concepts and models of modern financial theories through lectures, texts and case studies.




Two-weeks Entrepreneurship and innovation summer school, is conducted in a multicultural environment. An intensive program of specialized studies in international entrepreneurship, combined with innovation and technology, in a multicultural environment.

Students have the opportunity to participate in lectures given by experimented guest speakers, entrepreneurs and professors,  to profit from their experience active on national and international levels.

This new management approach which differ by their very nature from those usual in other European countries.

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This 10 – 12 weeks of immersion program is an entrepreneurial exposure for students through an internship with either a start-up or SME organization or spinoffs, in the region where the university is located.

This program will seek to develop the enterprising spirit in them and prepares them for any strategic management positions in a start-up, small and large enterprises and spinoffs, where new ventures, technological development, globalization and competition are areas of importance.


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«EMBA - Leadership and Innovation» Summer School

We have organised this two-week program for several years now, where EMBA students are joined with TEC Monterrey students. Participants study and work together on the themes of leadership and innovation. This course is an integral part of both the EMBA of Fribourg and the TEC/Egade Monterrey. In addition to the teaching, participants are enriched by the intercultural experience in a world which is becoming increasingly global.





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