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The School of Management Fribourg encourages worldwide student and professor exchange (inbound and outbound).

Full-time Bachelor students can complete a stay abroad during their third semester, while part-time Bachelor students can choose this option during their fifth semester. The choice of university and modules is fairly open, but must be validated by the Dean of Bachelor Studies.

These stays abroad are compulsory for all students in the trilingual course (French, German, and English), and are optional for students in the bilingual course (French and German) or for those registered in one language.

​We also offer students the opportunity to go abroad to a partner university or university of applied sciences on an Erasmus Plan, or – within the framework of the HES-SO – to spend a semester at a higher education institution in Quebec (CREPUQ Accord). 



The Boot Camp is a five-week business immersion program to promote the collaboration of Industry and Academia in Switzerland. Led by School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR), its main objective is to expose small teams of Bachelor and Master Students through Swiss SMEs attracted by the growth and size of East-Asia and Latin American emerging markets.

Participants will conduct a brief business search in partnership with Swiss companies, especially SME’s and Start-ups, under the co-supervision of HEG-FR and our Partner universities in the destination countries.

For further information on a specific market, please contact our international team.


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