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Qualification issued

French-speaking Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Business Management in a Social and Consolidated Economy




ESS companies and organisations have gained visibility and recognition in the French-speaking part of Switzerland since the beginning of the year 2000. Following a decline between the 50s and 80s, new economic, social and ecological challenges have made it necessary for companies to adapt to a different economy.

Alongside profit-oriented companies engaged in social and ecological plans (CSR), business and organisations of a social and consolidated economy are called upon to become tomorrow`s central economic players. These legal entities, differing greatly in size (cooperatives, associations, foundations, PLCs and Ltd companies) have proven to be very innovative and particularly well positioned to meet today`s economic, environmental, and social challenges. They produce the goods and services in all economic domains, from ethical financing to local agriculture, cooperative housing, education and even industry. They also seek to fulfill their commitments under management methods, in participatory governance and in their relationships with suppliers and clients.  In Geneva, they employ approximately 10% of the working population.

The qualification is issued by the HES-SO and the Management Schools of Fribourg and Geneva.


Target Group and Costs


You are: 

  • a manager or an executive of a company/organisation of a social and consolidated economy (E-ESS), producing goods and services in all economic domains, such as local agriculture, financial services, cooperative housing, integration through economic activity, health, culture, etc.

  • in charge of developing a public or private social entrepreneurship (executive of a public administration in charge of a social entrepreneurship, executive of a social and consolidated economic chamber, consultant for the creation of social businesses, specialised consultant).

  • entrepreneur in the process of developing a social and consolidated enterprise.



Fees amount to CHF 6'800.-. Course materials, the correction of various tasks and presentation of the certificate are all included. A reduction is available for companies registering at least 3 participants at a time.




Reaching goals better and functioning more efficiently in a social economy are brought about by reinforcing management skills in many key domains. In addition to the specific ESS tools and methods, an executive must also situate his/her organisation within the context and broader issues of the social economy and sustainable development.

At the end of the course, participants will have:

  • situated their company/organisation in the wake of the development of a more social, consolidated and sustainable economy

  • taken a step back from their company to identify the key challenges

  • discovered new management tools and methods adapted to ESS companies

  • identified concrete improvements in their management, which they can immediately put into practice in their company

  • assimilated methods for assessing and communicating social impact

  • identified good practices and new ideas for their company/organisation, thanks to participatory, interdisciplinary and creative dynamics

  • set up a network of peers, with whom they can continue to interact after the course.


Course Structure

The French-speaking CAS in ESS Business Management is held over 12 months and comprises 20 days. There are 7 parts containing 20 modules which cover all the key concepts and functions.


1st PART - MODULES 1 to 3

Introduction and methodology


Contextualisation and definitions of the ESS business


2nd PART - MODULES 4 to 6

Organisational design, governance and leadership of the ESS business


3rd PART - MODULES 7 to 9

HR management: specificities of the ESS business


4th PART - MODULES 10 to 12

Strategic management : specificities of the ESS business


5th PART - MODULES 13 to 14

Marketing and communication : specificities of the ESS business


6th PART - MODULES 15 to 17

Creation and maintenance in the development of the ESS business


7th PART - MODULES 18 to 19

Sustainable management : tools and implementation in ESS businesses




Top experts will be called in to lead the courses and workshops. The concrete challenges, questions and issues pertaining to management brought to the table by participants will result in interactive teaching and an interdisciplinary approach. The tasks to be done to validate the modules will, where possible, deal with issues specific of each organisation. Thus, that learned in each module will be put directly into practice.




Postgraduate Secretariat
School of Management Fribourg
Room 423 (4th floor)
Ch. du Musée 4
CH-1700 Fribourg

Course responsibles
Laurent Houmard / SoM-FR
T: +41 26 429 63 67
F: +41 26 429 63 75

Christophe Dunand





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