Business Studies: Bologna Program

A passeport to employment

​In accordance with the principles of the Bologna Agreement (an effort to align education within Europe), our business administration education is split into two cycles. A Bachelor degree marks the completion of the first cycle, and a Master’s degree the second cycle in higher education studies.


Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Business Economics

This course takes three years to complete on a full-time basis or four years through part-time day release. Students at the School of Management Fribourg have the opportunity to pursue a French and German bilingual (FR/DE) or trilingual (FR/DE/EN) course. The students build up basic knowledge and develop competences in the different fields associated with business management.


Master of Science HES-SO in Business Administration

The program lasts two years through part-time day release and includes bilingual and trilingual options. The aim of this course is to develop an individual's faculties conducive to an innovative mind-set within private or public organisations, and also to cultivate entrepreneurship.

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