Who are we?

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MSO – Management Student Opportunities – is the student association of the school of management (HEG Fribourg). It was founded in 2012 by the students. Originally, it was composed of three distinct clubs: Finance, Marketing-Communication and International. Today, we are all part of one and unique big entity.

Through the association, members are brought to work in team in order to realize various projects, such as the organization of events, visits or recreational activities.



The “start-up” spirit of the association does not only offer the students the occasion to put into practice the theory seen in class, but also to widen their network. Finally, it is also a way to share experiences, to create new opportunities and to live the formation at the HEG differently, the whole in a pleasant atmosphere.


How do we work?

MSO is composed of members studying both full-time or part-time, in a Bachelor or in a Master’s degree. Those taking part in MSO usually know French, German or English. Some students are bilingual or even trilingual. But the MSO is especially relying on high motivated (under)graduates, who want to have the chance to discover the HEG through a more intimate approach.  



In 2017, the structure of the association was completely rethought to satisfy the criteria of a lean organization. By adopting a structure by project, we allow every member to develop his own ideas and, with the help of other voluntary members, to bring them to a successful conclusion. This way of working is very rewarding and offers everyone the freedom of getting involved in management at different levels of commitment, in order not to compromise their studies.

Because of the changes of the statuses and the deletion of the three clubs, the committee must also be adapted. Indeed, besides the posts which can usually be found in associations, we introduced a new role, the project coordinator. For each project, two coordinators will ensure that projects run smoothly and serve as a bridge between the various actors and constituents.

It is also worth reminding that, by the statutes, our participation within the association is limited by the duration of our studies. In order to assure a sustainability and a follow-up of the activities within the MSO, the Vice-President makes a commitment to become the president the following year.

MSO collaborates closely with the HEG and the innovation lab ( It is also opened to any new opportunities, whether it is for professional or cultural projects. The previous collaborations can be found in the annual report.


MSO - What do we do ?


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Organisation Discovery night : Chess

Coaching during the Kick-off for the new students
« Student’s Bags » Goodies distribution from our partners to the 210 new students
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Bilinguism day in Fribourg
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Charitable sale of hot-dog: Association « La Tuile »
Distribution of energy-drink « MSO » during the exams period
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Conference HEG : Relations Switerland-UE
Forum Start ! Fribourg 






Management Student Opportunities
Haute école de gestion Fribourg
Ch. du Musée 4
CH-1700 Fribourg

Samuel Bonvin
Président MSO
T :  +41 79 673 36 47

Malik Firuz

Vice-président MSO
T : +41 79 456 24 69

Wendy Groell
MSO Human resources
T : +41 79 779 09 83




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