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We are a student organization in Fribourg that seek to connect people from different backgrounds to meet, discuss, and learn with and from each other. We seek to foster an innovation spirit, to widen personal horizons and to create a unique network.
We organize events for anyone who loves innovation and wants to become more active in this field. Whether you want to create your own business, get a competitive educational advantage, or start building your interdisciplinary network, the Innovation Club is the right place for you. It’s about meeting people, having fun and creating opportunities.
The club is supported by following Fribourg institutions: the School of Business Administration, the School for Engineering and Architecture, the University, and the Adolphe Merkle Institute

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  • To create an interdisciplinary community of students around the subject of innovation.
  • To foster networking between students of four higher education institutions and other stakeholders.
  • To contribute to a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Fribourg.
  • To bridge the gap between disciplines and to better understand all aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Testimonials from team members

«The output is not measurable in money. The value is deeply personal and my take-away is the learning from people, their ideas, the process; you learn what innovation really means and get a deeper, ‘behind the scenes’ view» - Mario, PhD, IIMT (2015) 


«I try to apply the philosophy of ‘never start a business just to make money, start a business to make the difference’. I feel I CAN make a difference in IC. I also get a chance to 'debate' with people coming from not only the business world but also with students from different disciplines. On a personal level, I enjoy a sense of satisfaction by organizing and promoting the club’s activities, through networking, improving of my English and making new friends. Furthermore, volunteering in an association, adds positive points to your CV!» - Francesca, MBA in Entrepreneurship, HEG (2015) 

«Organizing events and interacting with people from different institutions helps me develop a valuable network and new skills. Working together with highly motivated people is a lot of fun !» - Manuel,  EMBA, IIMT (2014)

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