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A new Alumni association!

​A new alumni association of the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR), ALUMNI HEG/HSW FRIBOURG, was created on May 28, 2015. It combines two former associations, Alumni MBA Berne-Fribourg and Alumni HEG.

Why have the two associations merged? The new association brings together the alumni of the BA, Executive MBA (including pre-2012 alumni of the Bern School of Business and Administration course) and MA courses. Former and current staff can also be members. These groups are too small individually to each have their own association with respective committees and programs. The new association is a platform for creating and exploiting many synergies, without losing specific features.



​The aims of the new association are:

to spread the values of HEG, principally good practice, multilingualism and internationalization. This will be achieved by establishing and maintaining close contacts between the association and the school's management. Alumni are also loyal partners of the school and ideally positioned to represent it.

to encourage networking between its members as a platform for exchanging ideas and projects. The underlying objectives of the association will be achieved through, inter alia, meetings and events organized by the association. The association will also launch new activities, specifically a careers centre (with the school) and  follow-up courses.

to enable alumni and students to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the association's members. This will be achieved through a magazine to be launched by the school in collaboration with the committee. The magazine will help facilitate and strengthen networking between members and students.



Pierre-André Brechbühl (Président) – 

Christophe Grandjean (Vice-président) -

Christelle Bossy (secrétariat) -

Sandra Scherwey -

Bernard Frossard -

Pascal Gurtner -

Luciano Palludi -

Lucas Schneuwly -


Upcoming event

Jeudi 23 novembre 2017
Conférence en présence de Monsieur Joseph Deiss,
- Ancien Président de l'Assemblée générale de l’ONU (2010-2011)
- Ancien Président de la Confédération suisse & Conseiller fédéral (1999-2006)
- Ancien Monsieur Prix (1993-1996)
- Membre de nombreux conseils d’administration.

Pour chaque événement, une invitation te parviendra par e-mail.
Si tel n'est pas le cas, merci de nous en informer afin d'ajourner ton adresse (


FHSuisse / Membership fee

​​ALUMNI HEG/HSW FRIBOURG will be part of the Swiss foundation FH-Schweiz, whose members enjoy numerous benefits Leistungsuebersicht.pdf.pdf

Annual Membership fee: 100.-




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